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A giant of astronomy and a quantum of solace
Blockbuster shooting in Paranal

Cerro Paranal, the 2600m high mountain in the Chilean Atacama Desert that hosts ESO’s Very Large Telescope, will be the stage for scenes in the next James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace”.

Looking akin to Mars, with its red sand and lack of vegetation, the Atacama Desert is thought to be the driest place on Earth. Cerro Paranal is home to ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), which, with its array of four giant 8.2-m individual telescopes, is the world’s most advanced optical observatory. The high-altitude site and extreme dryness make excellent conditions for astronomical observations.

“We needed a unique site for a unique set of telescopes, and we found it at Paranal,” said Andreas Kaufer, ESO’s Paranal Director. “We are very excited that the Bond production team have also chosen this location.”

The excellent astronomical conditions at Paranal come at a price, however. In this forbidding desert environment, virtually nothing can grow outside. The humidity drops below 10%, there are intense ultraviolet rays from the sun, and the high altitude leaves people short of breath. Living in this extremely isolated place feels like visiting another planet.

To make it possible for people to live and work here, a hotel or “Residencia” was built in the base camp, allowing them to escape from the arid outside environment. Here, returning from long shifts at the VLT and other installations on the mountain, they can breathe moist air and relax, sheltered from the harsh conditions outside. The Residencia’s award-winning design, including an enclosed tropical garden and pool under a futuristic domed roof, gives its interior a feeling of open space within the protective walls - this is a true "haven in the desert".

It is this unique building that serves as the backdrop for the James Bond filming.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE producer, Michael G. Wilson said: "The Residencia of Paranal Observatory caught the attention of our director, Marc Forster and production designer, Dennis Gassner, both for its exceptional design and its remote location in the Atacama desert.
It is a true oasis and the perfect hide-out for Dominic Greene, our villain, whom 007 is tracking in our new James Bond film."
In addition to the shooting at the Residencia, further action will take place at the Paranal airstrip.

The film crew present on Paranal includes Englishman Daniel Craig, taking again the role of James Bond, French actor Mathieu Amalric, leading lady Olga Kurylenko, from the Ukraine, as well as acclaimed Mexican actors, Joaquin Cosio and Jesus Ochoa. This cast from across Europe and Latin America mirrors the international staff that works for ESO at Paranal.

After leaving Paranal at the end of the week, the film crew will shoot in other locations close to Antofagasta. Other sequences have been filmed in Panama and, following the Chilean locations, the unit will be travelling to Italy and Austria before returning to Pinewood Studios near London in May.

QUANTUM OF SOLACE will be released in the UK on 31 October 2008, and in the US and internationally on 7 November 2008. ...

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"The name's Bond. James Bond."

interessante location! zuerst dachte ich an goldeneye, schaut aber doch ein bisschen anders aus ;)

hier gibts ein newsupdate aus chile:

letztens wurde die weltpresse erneut eingeladen (das war dann wohl auch die vorige woche angesprochene pressekonferenz). wir werden also bald wieder interviews, tv-berichte und szenen vom set sehen.

jaja, sony weiß schon wie sie den film vermarkten müssen...

Paranal ist natürlich eine Traumlocation, fast immer perfektes Wetter, tolle moderene Gebäude die mit etwas CGI sicher einen guten Hideout geben!

Ich freue mich immer mehr auf QOS!
„Wer sagt: hier herrscht Freiheit, der lügt, denn Freiheit herrscht nicht.“
Erich Fried

Und jetzt gibt es auch eine direkte Bond/Paranal Seite...


Lustig, wie alle auf das "ach so schlechte Teaser Poster" mit aufspringen und jeder dies sofort mit QoS assoziiert :D

Why is the astronomical organisation ESO involved in a Bond movie?

The Bond production was attracted by the special location and the exceptional architecture of the award-winning Paranal Residencia, a true oasis in the desert.

Is there any impact on science operations and observations?

Everything has been done to avoid any interruption of service and impact on the science operations. The film crew will shoot only during during the day and only in the vicinity of the Residencia, which is 4 km away from the telescopes.

Is ESO paid by the production?

ESO receives a site fee to compensate for the extra efforts and costs arising from hosting the 22nd Bond movie team. It won’t pay for a new telescope, however.

What role does the observatory play in the story?
The Residencia of the Paranal Observatory, where the filming is taking place,
plays the part of the villain’s hiding place.

Why was Paranal chosen as the site of ESO’s Very Large Telescope?

Cerro Paranal is in the Atacama Desert , which is thought to be the driest place on earth. The high-altitude site and extreme dryness make excellent conditions for astronomical observations. Last year for example, only about one night out of ten was lost due to the weather, which is certainly a record.

How many people live on Paranal?

People work and live at Paranal on shifts. During a typical day and night, there are about 120 people at the Observatory.

Is it possible to visit Paranal?

Yes. Visits are organised on the last 2 week-ends of every month, and are free to attend. Interested persons need to register in advance, using the form available on the website .
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"The name's Bond. James Bond."