Campbell über QoS und Sam Mendes

Wow, so deutlich hat sich wohl noch nie ein Ex-Regisseur über einen späteren Film geäußert aber "Mr. Bond" Martin Campbell darf das wohl (und hat auch irgendwie Recht oder?)

"Sam will do a splendid job,’ Campbell stated. ‘I felt Quantum of Solace completely lost its way. We were lucky on Casino Royale, it was the origin story of Bond. Bond had the one and only affair that meant anything to him, and affected him throughout the rest of the series. I had sympathy for the writers after that because clearly the guy can’t have another meaningful relationship, he’s been fucked over by the last one. But you’ve got to do something with the character, he’s got to go somewhere.’

He continued: ‘I’m sure Sam and Peter Morgan will come up with something. The secret to Bond is to remember it’s Bond. It’s been successful for 22 incarnations. There are a lot of elements that work, so don’t f–k with them.’ ... nd-23.html
"It's been a long time - and finally, here we are"